New Normal

Details on this page will change along with governmental guidlines.

20 years in business

Our usual business has, for 20 years, been providing transfers to and from cruise ships berthed at Southampton and Dover UK. Either as a 'Shared Shuttled' or 'Private Hire'.

However - cruise ship arrivals into UK are currently stopped. Some agencies predicted re-opening by Sept 2020, but that has not happened. So, in any case, we have suspended all new Shared Shuttle bookings (Shared Minivan) for the time being.


Our Shared Shuttle option to and from Southampton will be operating again in 2021 season, but until the cruise lines finalize their plans we are not accepting any new bookings for Shared Shuttle. 


Today we are offering our Private Hire service. You hire the whole van, with driver. We will have a van ready for you in London today or next week, or when ever you need it.

Same courteous service as before. Same impeccable time keeping. But there are changes;-

1) Driver will be wearing a mask
2) You MUST wear masks too. (we will provide them if you have none)
3) Driver will load all luggage and you must keep your distance whilst he does so.
4) Hand shakes and fist/elbow bumps are gone (not for ever hopefully.)
5) If you have a cough other respiratory complaint. Please don't travel.
6) Front passenger seats may only be occupied if the rear is already full.

Thank you for your forbearance.